Lean Start-Up Worshop

Thank you to everyone that attended our Lean Startup Workshop this earlier this month.It was a great chance for us to learn practical skills about how to take the first steps in turning a business idea from a concept to a prototype.It was also a great opportunity to meet and network with other aspiring entrepreneurs […]

Significance of introduced pollutants (plastic bags) on natural Systems

Shafiq Nedala, April 2017 Email: nedalashafiq1@gmail.com Makerere University Waste Management Research Association (MUWMRA) Department of Environmental Management What are plastics? Plastics are non-biodegradable, synthetic polymers derived primarily from Petro-fossil feedstock and made-up of long chain hydrocarbons with additives joined together by a process polymerization (Tapkire 2014; Abdel-Rahman et al, 2015; Bashir, 2013). According to (Muthu […]

Permaculture for abundance food production

Sustainable and Equality development of food Systems and Increase sustainable production Permaculture Eco-system Permaculture is the sustainable system that repairs agriculture. It can also be defined as a Sustainable designing of landscape patterns and available best alternative resources for sustainable production. In addition  to  recycling  and usage of all other natural environmental resources to create […]