About the Initiative

At Fund Africa Inc. we believe true success is to be successful and to be able to help others, even as we grow as a business we believe in reaching out to our communities.

Give A Pad Initiative, is a network of people coming together to support young female scholars in rural areas to pursue their dreams by holding hands and providing for them sanitary towels, pain killers and reproductive health counseling so they can continue with school.

What’s so important about Sanitary Pads?

Girls and women in resource-poor settings often lack access to sanitary pads, and the consequences they suffer as a result have only recently begun to receive serious attention. We’re often asked, “Why sanitary pads? Is it really that significant a problem?” The answer is yes: for countless girls and women, sanitary pads are an unaffordable luxury; most girls are forced to resort to unsanitary and sometimes unsafe measures to meet their needs. These include retrieving and recycling used disposable pads and improvising makeshift pads from old clothes, rags, newspapers, bits of mattress, and other readily available materials.

The lack of affordable sanitary pads has been widely cited as one of the key obstacles to regular school attendance among adolescent girls. Although this correlation has yet to be extensively studied

Looking beyond the impact that sanitary pad provision has on school attendance, however, it is no less important that interventions furnish girls with a tool that can reclaim a measure of the dignity that poverty too often conspires to deny.

Menstrual health and hygiene

We are helping women and girls improving their menstrual health through the promotion of a better menstruation management and access to information about menstruation disclosed to the general public, hence a reduction of the stigma associations with menstruation.

Menstruation is a silent issue; nearly all people regard menstruation as a dirty (unclean), yet natural process, and half of adolescent girls consider it a disease and don’t know how to deal with it. Moreover, most girls and women are unable to afford sanitary napkins. The lack of feminine products and information lead to girls dropping out of school early as they have no opportunities to maintain their hygiene during menstrual periods, miss lessons and fall behind. The use of dirty materials – cloth rags, old sponge, newspapers, etc. put women and girls at high risk of infections of the urinary tract. The fear of embarrassment of leaking also makes them unconfident during their periods and therefore encourages them to skip school or general public activities.


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