Cloud Computing for Non-Profits

There’s a new Tech Word on the street ‘cloud’, you must have heard it and been like what does that really mean? Well, most of the work you do online is cloud based like handling your emails, online documents, streaming videos, playing online video games, these are basically stored or managed on the ‘cloud’. When […]

Online-Innovation Expo.

With the success of our Annual Electronics and IT showcase event we at Fund Africa Inc. are glad to announce our first ever annual Online Innovation Expo. As we continue to promote entrepreneurship through technology and research, we believe building marketplaces for Africa Innovations will create visibility and usage for African Tech Products both locally […]

Kampala Transport Hackathon

Kampala Transport Hackathon Registration Event Timing: November 24th-25th, 2016 Event Address: MUBs ICT Center, Bugolobi, Kampala-Uganda Contact us at +256700551037,, Overview This year Kampala is graced to be one of the cities around the world to host a local transport hackathon. The hackathon is brought you by Fund Africa Inc. together with the […]