Significance of introduced pollutants (plastic bags) on natural Systems

Shafiq Nedala, April 2017 Email: Makerere University Waste Management Research Association (MUWMRA) Department of Environmental Management What are plastics? Plastics are non-biodegradable, synthetic polymers derived primarily from Petro-fossil feedstock and made-up of long chain hydrocarbons with additives joined together by a process polymerization (Tapkire 2014; Abdel-Rahman et al, 2015; Bashir, 2013). According to (Muthu […]

Permaculture for abundance food production

Sustainable and Equality development of food Systems and Increase sustainable production Permaculture Eco-system Permaculture is the sustainable system that repairs agriculture. It can also be defined as a Sustainable designing of landscape patterns and available best alternative resources for sustainable production. In addition  to  recycling  and usage of all other natural environmental resources to create […]

Use of biotechnology to address food insecurity in Africa.

Apparently most African countries have tasted the impact of climate change and this has been heavily felt in agriculture sector threatening food security. Diseases, pests, and prolonged droughts have contributed to low yields for both crops and animal production making agriculture seem impossible. Some scholars, heads of states and other policy makers have proposed the […]