Julius Mugaga – #Y4PTUg Finalist 2017

The experience of participating in the transport Hackathon

It was a great experience and a very competitive one, although this was not the first one but it was a special one since from the Kampala Transport Hackathon everything seemed impossible to qualify for the finals in Canada after tying with other two innovations. I loved the way fund Africa Inc. handled everything stage of the process to the grand finale in Montreal, in short this was a fair ground leveled for everyone to compete. The audience in Montreal required one to take a breath and be more assertive, but most importantly Y4PT kept all of us in check in regards to mentor-ship, coaching and slide presentation.

Benefits, opportunities and lessons learned from pitching in Canada

One of the greatest things was the friends I met representing the different cities of various countries and continents, this was so amazing to prove that Africa can also compete on the global level moreover with people at different levels including the PhD students from Cambridge University. At the time they were competitors but for now and forever these became colleagues and friends that I can consult and discuss with on personal level. The single most important lesson is that no matter where you come from, the gift brains from God matters most and your confidence is the strongest weapon you have got to beat giants.

How you advise other candidatures to standout during pitching

In pitching it is about standing strong to what you believe in, strategize on how you can sell your idea to others and you’ve got to attract as many people to your side as you can if you’re to win. Be assertive, confident and always keep time. Above all have your elevator pitch spot on.

What you look forward to with the SSK Toolkit

We want to attract as many partners as we can and participating in other competitions so that we can attract more funding. 2017 was good for us and we are working hard to have 2018 go on well.


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