Permaculture for abundance food production

Sustainable and Equality development of food Systems and Increase sustainable production

Permaculture Eco-system

Permaculture is the sustainable system that repairs agriculture. It can also be defined as a Sustainable designing of landscape patterns and available best alternative resources for sustainable production. In addition  to  recycling  and usage of all other natural environmental resources to create a sustainable production and harmonized settlement, using less and all kind of land sizes and resources for organic food security , water , income and climate “the problem is the solution” permaculture is the way to go for sustainability in usage of resources to satisfy man’s needs and the economy because it creates direct never ending food production in all dimension and permanent employment opportunity. Permaculture food, water designs and implementation this involves using the best alternative available resources , materials, land and other factors as you create a conducive or environment that adds a double  standard value  food systems such as carbon materials.

Permaculture Mugarura Charles modified approach concept for Ugandan Urban, food eco – Systems, small rural and large farmers.

My new permaculture polished Version – social innovation of integrations, the current best approach of introducing permaculture to all groups of age regardless the age, Race, religion and financial capacity. Permaculture has direct impact on the first three SDGs  3  and 13 (Climate Change) others are aligned on the sideline and achieved indirectly however it is possible to prioritize   them towards implementation of the design and set goals.

Environment scientific innovation “permaculture eco-system” is pattern designing skill and knowledge of plant, social systems and added new scientific knowledge with major fundamentals water, soils, climate, plants and essential  good design work.


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