Use of biotechnology to address food insecurity in Africa.

Apparently most African countries have tasted the impact of climate change and this has been heavily felt in agriculture sector threatening food security. Diseases, pests, and prolonged droughts have contributed to low yields for both crops and animal production making agriculture seem impossible. Some scholars, heads of states and other policy makers have proposed the use of biotechnology to address this problem however many of pro environmentalists and so called “conservative farmers” have stood in contest to this approach due to many known and unknown adverse effects that may arise. In your own opinion can biotechnology serve the best way to go if African countries are to fight food insecurity?

By Nedala Shafiq-Innovation Mentor 2017


4 thoughts on “Use of biotechnology to address food insecurity in Africa.

  1. The safe use of biotechnology will definitely help African countries overcome the issue of food insecurity. This has been evidenced in some countries such as Kenya with the ratification of the Bio safety law.

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  2. Uganda , recently suffered from a famine spell . Many lives were lost others left at the edge of survival , thousands of children retarded . Many of us know that GMOs can solve this but they have been constantly rejected . I agree that some pose serious threats but many could help us win this battle .
    I propose that we have a team of scientists and thinkers to lay down a plan we can use to adopt these GMOs with minimum risks.

    We have to make a decision between losing lives painfully to famine or adopt a solution with risks .


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