Cloud Computing for Non-Profits

There’s a new Tech Word on the street ‘cloud’, you must have heard it and been like what does that really mean? Well, most of the work you do online is cloud based like handling your emails, online documents, streaming videos, playing online video games, these are basically stored or managed on the ‘cloud’.

When you think about ‘cloud’ imagine going paperless, security for your servers, manage your networks, increase space in your workplace the benefits go on and on. Fund Africa Inc. in support of Techsoup Global and Microsoft are excited to bring a Cloud Computing Training to your Nonprofit/Social good Campaigns.

The session will have an expert explaining what cloud computing really is, how it works, why cloud computing (Benefits), the different kinds of ‘Cloud Services’ and how cloud computing is used. We shall also have an in-depth explanation on Azure cloud computing from Microsoft.

As always our events/training are more interactive and we look forward to building tech networks and helping each other be more tech savvy to save, money, time and energy.

Signup here to participate in the training for FREE:

Date: Saturday 8th April 2017
Time: 10am to 1pm
Venue: Chez Moi Lounge-Kamwokya
Participation: FREE

Register Here:


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