The office 365 training was amazing!!!

Couple of Non Profit organizations converged at Chez-Moi on the 5th December for a three hour training on how they could make their organization e-mail look more professional using their domain name other than using the regular email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo e.t.c

The training was sponsored by Tech Soup Global, free office 365 donation for Non Profit Organizations by Microsoft and facilitated by Ms.Catherine Alwenyi Cassidy of Fund Africa Inc.

Among the participants were representatives from the Sickle Cell Network Uganda, Hope Adult Literacy Class, Psk Foundation and Mungati Foundation. The participants were earlier mobilized to find out their eligibility for the office 365 Non Profit donation prior to the meet up.

Catherine introduced the program, briefed the participants on the agenda which included introductions from participants, review of workshop goals, step by step procedures of installation and an overview of office 365 emails.

She explained how to install and use office 365 using different tools i.e. the user and admin guides. The migration was not possible due to time.

The event was a successful one and was followed by lunch and one on one networking with the participants.


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