The 2015 Showcase was Awesome

Every year Fund Africa organizes the Electronics and IT showcase event that helps to bridge the gap between Technologists’ and End users. In Africa we find that technology developers are on one side of the island and end users on other. Technologists are always cooking up new innovations that when applied by end users can pose as solutions to the different technicalities in the African society.

With over 50% increase in Mobile usages in Africa, there is an increase in the use of mobile Apps technologies in Africa especially to reach it needs. Over the years we have witnessed an evolution of both software and mobile app developers tailored to suit Africans’ need and yet there’s not so many platforms that help to showcase these innovations. The objective of the showcase is to: Network with other IT enthusiasts, pitch new Technology Innovations and Market the developments to potential Clients.

On 22n August 2015 at Chez Moi lounge all roads led to the Fund Africa 2nd Annual Electronics and IT Showcase Meet up.  The mobilization went very well with over 38 different company representatives that included Software Developers, Small Medium Enterprises; Community based Organizations, Non Profits and Start -ups.

This edition was very engaging as presentations were made on different topics and products. Among the topics was an in an Introduction to Social Media presented by Ashiraf from Google Development Group MUBs ICT, he introduced social media gave some highlights on the different platforms of social media, he explained how to market using social media, what to be included in your social media platform, and an open discussion on what social media platforms to choose from for Non Profits, Small media Enterprises, Startups and Community based organizations.

The second topic was on Marketing presented by Ms. Namirembe N Fatuma a Marketing consultant who explained that marketing is about communicating the value of a product, service or brand for the purpose of making a sale. She gave highlights on the 4Ps which include: the product which should be a solution, Promotion which should be informative, Price which should add value and Place (distribution) to be accessible.  She also gave an insight on the different marketing techniques that included having a target market, Market Segmentation and understanding consumer behavior. She later gave an overview on Digital Marketing and explained that it’s the promotion of products and services/brands via electronic media gave examples includes activities like Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Optimized Websites, Email Direct Marketing, Optical Disks and Games E-Books, Display advertising, Social Media Marketing, content marketing, E-Commerce Blogging e.t.c . And she noted that it’s affordable and even for starts and business can get involved, easy to measure results, enable small media enterprises to track out how successful their companies are. The discussion was later followed by an open discussion and participants freely participated.

The Third topic was about creating an online presence presented by Ms. Catherine Alwenyi Cassidy from Fund Africa. Catherine just focused on the website and explained that it’s the center of the business on the internet; she explained a person should consider the objectives of the website for example considering two restaurants A and B all these restaurants want to set up their Business website, Restaurant A’s objective could be increasing customers coming to the restaurant and yet restaurant B’s objective could be making reservations. Considering the different factors the two restaurants need their websites to have the right plug-ins in order to meet their required needs. After making that comparison she made some highlights on search engine optimization and Content Management Systems. This was later followed by an open discussion and participants contributed freely.

The next session was on presenting and pitching different innovation/products and services. Some of the products included:

  • Health Link a platform that seeks to make healthcare more accessible and efficient through mobile technology in Uganda.
  • a platform that helps primary school pupils in Uganda pass their exams through quiz based training.
  • I empowerment a platforms that helps in capturing health and education issues using technology in sub Sahara regions like Karamoja using a flash drive that has offline data some many educative books and videos.
  • Hotel Studio, a platform with menu marker, order creator, restaurant bar and general hotel operations software.
  • Safari Ants an Africa platform that’s used to profile the world, it’s also an income generating platforms through adding pages and creating content.
  • Mawazo incubation hub with a collaborative workspace and call center facilities

The presentations were closed my Mr. Ashiraf and Catherine who make closing remarks and the Event continued with Networking and Marketing products.

The event follows series of monthly online discussions on face book and twitter @fundafricainc #TechchatAfrica where we discuss technology with other sectors and the public can comment and contribute freely.


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