2nd Annual Electronics and IT Showcase 2015

Fund Africa is an Enterprise Technology and Research Company with a mission to promote Entrepreneurship through Technology and Research. (Fund Africa-Raising Grounds).

Fund Africa’s annual Electronics and IT Showcase Event is aimed at bridging the gap between technologists with end users and also acts as a platform for showcasing new innovations that apply for the case of Africa.

The event seeks to build a network of technology users in Africa, in order to cut the barriers of typical traditional working processes that sometime tend to be tasking, costly and time consuming. The key objective is to enable technology usage to all even those that may simply know how to use a basic mobile phone in Africa which may eventually lead to development.

The event acts as a platform for showcasing and pitching new technology innovations that apply for Africa, it also enables different companies to showcase and market their technology products to potential clients.

The 1st Showcase was held 2014 year at UMA conference Hall on Friday August 2014 with different company and Organization representatives’ including the ICTAU (Information Communication Technology Association of Uganda, Google Development Group- MUBs, IRIOS, a brief visit from Urban Television Innovate Team, Lotus Technologies Uganda, Malaika Media, The bureau Line, Dignite, Pc Tech Magazine representative, Edge Graphics, bloggers and other Apps and Software Developers in Uganda. The Event was very resourceful as lots of discussions concerning Technology and Innovative ideas in Africa followed by networking and at the end contacts were exchanged for future collaboration. Even after the event, Fund Africa partnering with experts in different fields holds series of online monthly discussions, concerning technology, innovations and different development sectors to continue with open data and knowledge sharing, explore and review new innovations. The discussions are usually via twitter and face book @fundafricainc #TechchatAfrica and also article contributions on the http://www.fundafrica.blog.com

Link: http://www.dignited.com/events/fund-africa-1st-annual-electronics-showcase-2014/

This year marks the 2nd Electronics and IT Showcase Event and it seeks to have more companies, groups organizations and Individuals in technology, media, journalism, Non government Organizations’ (NGOs), Small Media Enterprises (SMEs),Community Base Organizations’ (CBOs), Start-ups and the general public to the event as Participation is Absolutely FREE to all. We do welcome partners, sponsors and volunteers to make the event even bigger and better. The Event will be held on Saturday 22nd  August 2015 at Chez-Moi Lounge at Kamwokya Center from 9am to allow a more casual and relaxed interaction yet professional engagement.

What to expect:

  • We expect to have a few sessions presenting ICT solutions for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Non Government Organizations (NGOs) and Startups, here we shall have series explaining various categories of communication and media for example, business automation, how to drive traffic on websites using social Media, Advertising e.t.c
  • Network opportunity with Expats in the IT Industry.
  • Promoting and Marketing Electronics and IT products in the Industry.
  • Pitching New IT developments to potential clients and Investors.
  • Participants will be availed with information desks.
  • Participants can book slots for presentations.

What to bring:

  • Participants can bring all advertisement material to help advertise their products, and business cards to help in exchanging contacts and networking.
  • Power extensions can also be brought to the event to avoid inconveniences with and insufficient supply needs that may arise.
  • The rest of information will be provided at venue.

For participation follow the link below to fill up the registration form:

Link: http://goo.gl/forms/05Ap9uPSwC

For more details please contact us:

Email: infofundafrica@gmail.com

Tel: on +256 414663076

Mob: +256 700551037

Blog: http://www.fundafrica.blog.com

Facebook: facebook/fundafricainc

Twitter: @fundafricainc #TechchatAfrica


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