1st Annual Electronics and IT Showcase

Each year since August 2014. Fund Africa Hosts ” The Annual Electronics and IT showcase Event” which take place in Kampala-Uganda . The event is aimed at bridging the gap between IT service providers, Innovators and the End users.

In Africa there are always  new IT Solutions and Innovations but the end users have little knowledge about or can’t easily access them.

The annual Electronics and IT showcase event enables different people, groups and companies to showcase their latest technology developments in all categories including: Retail, multimedia, education, medical,governance, Finance, research, Fashion, Marketing, Mobile Apps, Software Programming, Web design, Database Management, Graphic Design, Gaming , Networking & Security, Ethical Hacking, Mechanics, Energy, Robotics, Beauty and Spa, Telecom e.t.c and how the public can use them in their everyday life and businesses to save time, energy and resources.

The Event is also a networking platform which bring about different Tech minds including Software developers, Hardware and Mobile App developers.

The showcase also enables start ups to pitch their developments to potential clients or sponsors.

“We call upon all to participate in this exciting event”


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