The global burden of air pollution

The environment upon which our life is most dependent, has fallen victim of pollution brought by man himself through unplanned and unscientific urbanization, industrialization and mineral exploitation. Air pollution has become an extremely serious problem for the modern industrialized world. Air pollution both indoors and outdoors, is a major environmental and health problem affecting everyone […]

Finalist – Internation Transport Hackathon

We are so glad that the winner of our last’s year’s #KampalaTransportHackathon MugagaJulius became a finalist at the UITPworld’s biggest Mobility event this year in Montreal Canada we believe the #SSKToolKit has so much potential and special thanks to Y4PT Ssebandeke Ashiraf #MUBSICTCenter The Innovation Village Kampala #UTAMU and all who worked to support our young Innovators through the Hackathon until the final competition.